Zee Cafe to telecast new show ‘Criss Angel Mindfreak’

Criss_Angel_Mindfreak-Zee Cafe TV showMumbai, July 19 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS) An edgy and crazy show, Criss Angel Mindfreak will be showcased on Zee Café, premiering on July 21.

Criss Angel’s image has been buffered as a suave, sullen and mysterious being exuding wisdom, power and charisma. A once aspiring rock musician, Angel sings his own cover theme song, “Mindfreak”, which sends excruciatingly gnawing vibes to one’s ears. ”

Criss Angel describes himself as a “provocateur” and no one can disagree to it. He provokes your mind, titillates your senses, and forces you to question reality. Seemingly effortlessly.

Criss Angel is a mentalist, in the best Kreskin like tradition. He is apparently able to pull numbers, colors, ideas and names right out of his subject’s head. But, he’s more than a mentalist. He has one of the very best slight of hand magicians one might have ever seen. Not only traditional card tricks, but anything and everything is fair game.

It may be relatively “easy” to “pick a card”, but explain how the man can get a cell phone inside of a beer bottle, drop an expensive piece of jewelry through a glass case, pull a snake out of a woman’s purse or a tarantula out of some guy’s hat! He levitates people, walks on water, makes a couple walking toward him suddenly vanish and reappear fifty feet away.

He flies, he floats, he disappears in a cloud of dust in the middle of the desert. He makes a straight pin travel up his arm, under the skin, to be spat out of his mouth. He gave a girl a voodoo doll in the middle of a busy intersection. She stuck it with a pin, and his chest began to bleed. She freaked. She wasn’t the only one.. He performs solely to entertain you and push himself to and beyond his own limitations.

Criss Angel was the youngest of three brothers and he has been interested in magic ever since he saw his Aunt Stella perform a trick when he was six. He earned fifteen dollars for his first appearance as a magician, when he was fourteen. When he became nineteen, he began working as a magician in childrens’ shows and in nightclubs, earning three thousand dollars a week.

In 2001, he mortgaged his mother’s house in order to produce the TV show Mindfreak, which demanded investments of $300,000. A year later, he had achieved an income of four million dollars and a great reputation as the creator of the “permanent polish” trick.

A characteristic of his magical acts is their demand of public areas, such as streets, and the use of common elements.

The show will be aired Monday-Friday at 9pm.

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