Youtube deleted 300 Bengali Movies

Few great things happened in last 2 weeks.

  • Calcutta Tube consumed >170 GB of bandwidth which is 6 times than the usual bandwidth it uses every month.
  • We had database problems.
  • We needed to move to a better server – we have been trying on and off and some of you might have faced some problems already.

The Biggest thing however in last week is the removal of one particular user account from youtube.


99% of the movies were shared by the user. We are sorry to know that the user did not hold the copyrights of more than 300 movies he/she was publishing from the account.

Well this means:

  1. 99% of movies in CALCUTTA TUBE will not PLAY. Simple.
  2. Again, do NOT request us for re-upload. We do not upload copyrighted material.

Now question remains –

  1. What is the point coming to Calcutta Tube then?
  • I am sure there will be some use. We have superb database of >300 bengali movies. We also review movies, share thought, feature stars.
  • OUR LATEST PROJECT FOCUSES ON “HISTORY OF BENGALI CINEMA” – we will be providing valuable information about Bengali cinema every week starting the silent era of Hiralal Sen.
  1. Will there be Bengali Movies Online Any More?
  • Sure. There are other users from who are actively sharing movies (I hope they hold copyrights!) So, if we find something that is useful to our users, we will be glad to share with you all.


NOTE: BUY MOVIES rather than risk too much by downloading from a TORRENT SITES.

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