Yoga guru Baba Ramdev to field candidates for next Lok Sabha polls

Agartala, Feb 14 (Calcutta Tube) Yoga guru Baba Ramdev Sunday said he would field candidates in the next Lok Sabha elections if the central government does not take sincere steps to curb corruption, which he termed as the main reason behind the spread of Naxalism and Maoism.

‘If the incumbent union government does not change its policy to initiate sincere steps to curb corruption, I would field candidates in the next parliamentary elections and I believe that the common people would elect the appropriate person,’ Ramdev said at a press conference here.


Emphasising that problems like Naxalism and Maoism can never be erased by dialogue or force, the yoga guru said these are derivatives of economic inequality and corruption at the grassroots level.


‘Corruption is the key reason behind all the complicacies of the country. Poverty, political chaos and financial inconsistencies are the by-products of corruption,’ said Ramdev, who reached the Tripura capital Saturday on a two-day trip.


Calling for mass participation in his ‘Bharat Swabhimaan’ campaign, Ramdev said that the initiative has been started to make a complete change in the country’s governance.


He asked people to launch a ‘crusade’ against corruption and political nepotism while also starting the practice of Yoga to ‘restore morality’.


‘I believe death sentence is the only answer to contain corruption and other social evils. Most of the politicians themselves indulge in social crimes for vote-bank politics. It is high time for common people to raise their voices against the corruption,’ Ramdev said.


Claiming that ‘Rs.150,000 crore has been siphoned-off by the politicians and bureaucrats, and deposited in their personal accounts outside the country so far,’ he said ‘if the entire money was pulled back, India’s GDP would be at least four times higher than the existing GDP’.


‘Agar sarkar hai imandar to kyon hain bhrastachar? (If the government is honest, why is there corruption in the society?),’ he asked.

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