Yeh Mera India-A Film On Humanity-N Chandra

Film Director N Chandra talks about his upcoming film Yeh Mera India.

Yeh Mera India-A Film On Humanity-N Chandra-Interview

Film Director N Chandra talks about his upcoming film Yeh Mera India.

N Chandra is ready with another hard-hitting film Y.M.I aka Yeh Mera India. But this time, he has touched upon the most sensitive subjects that can cost heavily to the multiplexes that will dare to distribute the film. The Man himself gets candid in an interview and talks about his would-be controversial film.

Tell us about your film.

It is about humanity. It’s high time, and we all should keep our bias aside for the society to survive, is what the film is all about. It’s serious film, but at the same time it is entertaining.

Title Y.M.I sounds as if one is questioning oneself, so was it intentional?

Initially we named the film Breaking News, but as somebody else already took it we had to change the title. I was quiet upset about it, but when Boney Kapoor suggested me this title I was extremely convinced of it. Its abbreviation version is ‘Yeh Mera India’ and in short it is SMS language for ‘why am I?’ that is Y M I.

It’s an ensemble cast film so is it a multi-narrative story?

It’s one story that revolves around 12 to14 characters that are connected to each other as they all are fighting with the common issues in the society. We have addressed few day-to-day issues that we all tend to push below the carpet. It’s thought provoking film, so after watching this film definitely each one will question their existence.

What issues have been addressed in the film?

We have thrown light on the issues like the difficulties faced by a Muslim families to find place to live, Marathi and Non-marathi issue, caste-discrimination etc; all these basic issues that prevail even in metros. We have tried to bring out positives in all the issues.

Do you relate to any of these?

Yes I do relate to all of them, as I am also a part of this very society. I may not have faced all of them, but I do know of people who have experienced such issues and are victims of it.

As you are dealing with many sensitive issues in this film, are you prepared to face the controversies?

Yes I do agree that the film will raise many eyebrows up till the intermission, but I am sure after watching the whole film, at the end each one will be convinced of ‘Yeh Mera India’.

-Deepa Mishra/ Sampurn

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