World Glaucoma Week observed in Kolkata

Kolkata, Mar 10 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): With an aim of making people aware of the problem of glaucoma, a city based hospital is observing the World Glaucoma Week in Kolkata.

The doctors of Disha Eye Hospital & Research Centre are marking the occasion between Mar 6 and 12.

[ReviewAZON asin=”0446690627″ display=”inlinepost”]Glaucoma colsultants of the hospitals along with Dr. Debasish Bhattacharya had interacted with the patients and their families to solve any kind of queries regarding the disease as a part of the World Glaucoma Day.

“Glaucoma creates damages to the optic nerves when the pressure inside the eye is too high. Damages to the optic nerves caused by Glaucoma initially causes blind spots at the outer edges of the field of vision which is known as the main sign of Glaucoma,” Dr. Suchandra Sar, Disha Eye Hospital said.

“With the increase in damages the optic nerve gets worse leading to tunnel vision or loss of central vision affecting the patient’s ability to read,” Sar said.

Disha Eye Hospital & Research Centre started the event  by the free screening of the family members of Glaucoma patients which will be continued throughout the Glaucoma week at the hospital premises.

Glaucoma is associated with painless and progressive loss of vision which may escape detection by the patient.

Only a single type of Glaucoma called ‘Angle –closure’ is associated with red painful eye with blurred vision and also with a nauseating feeling along with vomiting.

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