With Farah Khan on Beach

Star Plus with 3 is Company and Red Chillies are coming up with a new chat show called Tere Mere Beach Main with the host Farah Khan. This is a show were you can see your favourite celebs talking about their personal life based on the theme of the particular episode.

“The title of the name was suggested by me and the word Beach is spelled like this as I love beaches” states Farah Khan.

The show has only 14 episodes, “As we are getting two to three actors per episodes so that’s the reason for such limited episodes. Along side if the show works well with the audience we will be coming up with second season also,” she adds further.

What is the USP of the show as how it is different from other chat shows? “There is a theme and on that basis we call the celebs on the show. For example we called Salman as the episode was for the momma’s boy and no other fitted well in that category than him. He is 40 and still single where staying with his mom who still cooks food for him,” she converse.

Its heard that Karan has given you few tips. “I really loved the show Kofee with Karan and have been on that show for number of times. He has told me to go through all the tapes of the episodes. It was indeed a great help.”

What about your brother Sajeed? “Oh yes I have learnt that not to make fun about any one on stage and in front of the camera,” she grins.

The show will see the guests like Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Bipasha Basu, John Abraham, Hrithik Roshan and many more who will not just talk of how they over came with their hurdles but also an interaction with the audience.

So get ready for a candid chat with your favourite star from August 23 at 9:00pm on Saturday and Sunday.

– Rachana Trivedi / Sampurn Media

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