Who’s going to profit from Hazare’s movement, asks Rahul Bose

Mumbai, April 9 (Calcutta Tube) While actor Rahul Bose is all for eradicating corruption, he feels the ongoing campaign for a stringent anti-graft bill is a ‘complicated issue’ and prefers to study the legislation first.

‘We all want to eradicate corruption. If something like that happens we all will be helped. But this particular incident where Anna Hazare is going on a fast is complicated. It’s not simple. Who all are along with him, who wants to take the profit of it at Jantar Mantar, who actually believes in it and who doesn’t?’ Rahul told reporters.

Rahul has questions on the accuracy of the Jan Lokpal (ombudsman) bill too that Hazare wants to get passed in the parliament.

‘There are many drafts of the Lokpal bill. The National Advisory Council is looking at it. Anna wants the Lokpal bill to get passed in the parliament but is that bill fool proof or still has some lacuna in it?’ he asks.

‘I want to wait and watch. One person goes for hunger strike to make India corruption free is phenomenon. But I want to see what shape it actually takes until the end. Will it be for a democratic, secular, corruption free India or will it takes another form, I don’t know. So I am going to watch,’ he added.

Rahul maintains that he would take time to form an opinion on the whole phenomena creating waves across the country.

‘I am looking at the Lokpal bill draft now. I began looking at it from day before yesterday. I have to speak to lots of people. I would take time to form an opinion,’ said Rahul.

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