Wherever he goes he brings silence– The Hangman


Akshar Media Productions forthcoming film The Hangman stars perfectionist Om Puri, Gulshan Grover, Shreyas Talpade, Smita Jayakar, Tom Alter, Nazneen Ghani and Amrita Bedi. The Hangman is produced by Bipin Patel and directed by Vishal Bhandari.

The Hangman is an unconventional film on crime and punishment in English language. It’s a story of a man (Shiva) who has executed hundreds of criminals as he was forced into this work due to the family tradition. Shiva (Om Puri) battles the social stigmatism which surrounds his unique profession. The film portrays the guilt-ridden executioner who wants his only son to don the uniform of a policeman.

The Hangman is set in the 1970s and deals with the emotional impact of the hangman’s profession on the protagonist, his wife and his son. The film features Gulshan Grover as an upright jailor who goes out of his way to help Shiva, and Shreyas Talpade of Iqbal fame, in the role of the executioner’s son.

Inspired by a true story, The Hangman is a debut venture of Vishal Bhandari who used to work as a journalist in one of the leading national newspaper. The producer of the film, Bipin Patel of the USA based Akshar Media Productions is a resident of New Jersey. He is the President and CEO of Speedy Mart Food Stores, NJ-based chain of convenience stores and gas stations in the tri-state area in Springfield.

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