When Kamal Haasan took to the mike for Shruti


Kamal Haasan’s multi-faceted daughter Shruti Haasan sure has an ear for music and how Currently composing music for her dad’s film ‘Unnaipol Oruvan’, the Tamil remake of ‘A Wednesday’, this young lady convinced her immensely talented father to sing for her

Now it’s not for the first time that Kamal Haasan took to the mike, but it’s definitely for the first time that the proud father sang for his daughter.

According to our sources, Shruti wanted to infuse something different in the songs. Having a cult status down south, Kamal Haasan’s voice is one that people identify with immediately

Shruti had a clear idea of what she wanted and she experimented with her father’s voice in a way that’s never been tried before. She has made her father sing not just one but two songs for the film, each of them belonging to a different genre. One is a mellow soft Sufi based song and the other is a commercial song with elements of hard rock in it

Shruti also had a great time with her dad doing voice warm-ups where she was the one bossing him around

Well, the outcome of this role reversal sure looks spectacular and the father-daughter duo seem all ready to rock

-Sampurn Media

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