Weak story lets ‘Mathondu Maduvena’ down (Kannada Film Review)

Film: ‘Mathondu Maduvena’, Cast: Anant Nag, Suhasini, Sharan, Naveen Krishna, Priyanka, Jenifer, Tara, Raju Thalikote and others; Screenplay-Direction: Dinesh Baboo; Producer: Umesh Banakar; Camera: Suresh Byrasandra; Music: Giridhar Diwan; Rating: **

The story of ‘Mathondu Maduvena’ takes off from its prequel ‘Eradaneya Maduve’, which was a decent hit last year. Director Dinesh Baboo has specialised in making comic films using least of resources and confining the shooting to a single locations.

But Babu should know that too much is too bad and repetition backfires. The result is that ‘Mathondu Maduvena’ bores you to nuts.

Dinesh Babu and the film’s producer Umesh Banakar proudly proclaim that the film has been shot for only twelve days on a shoe string budget. But a good film is made when a good story is told in an interesting manner. The main drawback of the film is the lack of a strong content.

The story is certainly not as strong as ‘Eradaneya Maduve’ and the director’s attempt seems to be focused on getting some forced laughs from the audience. But this attempt actually has a negative effect on viewers and the film ends up as a torturous watch.

The film’s dialogues do not make any impact at all and the narration is tedious. Many sequences seem to be forcibly added and do not help the script in any way.

The storyline goes like this. Mridula, daugher of suspended officer Vishwanath and his overbearing wife Malavika, gets married to her boyfriend Vivek. But problems crop up in this inter-caste marriage, which leads to Mridula keeping away from Vivek.

The problems are compounded when Mridula is wrongly advised by her mother. Though a mature Vishwanath tries to broker peace, Mrudula refuses to listen to his advice.

Vishwanth then starts advising Vivek. Meanwhile, the plot gets more muddled when other trouble shooters like Malavika’s brother, maid servant and a TV reporter spoil all attempts to bring peace to the troubled family.

Anant Nag saves the film to some extent with his matchless performance, but Sudharani overacts, as in ‘Eradaneya Maduve’. Sharan is good in a few sequences.

Naveen Krishna proves again that he is a good performer by essaying a different role. Tara and Raju Thalikote are funny.

Nothing can be said of the camera work or music. The film also suffers from poor production.

‘Mathondu Maduvena’ is an ordinary offering from Dinesh Baboo. Nothing is lost if this film is missed. The movie manages to be an average fare mainly because of Anant Nag’s lively performance, despite its weak story.

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