We will try for more access to Indian market: Obama

Washington, Nov 6 (IANS) The US will explore ways to reduce barriers to its exports and increase access to the Indian market, said US President Barack Obama in a signed article published Saturday.

Writing in the New York Times, Obama said: ‘During my first visit to India, I will be joined by hundreds of American business leaders and their Indian counterparts to announce concrete progress toward our export goal – billions of dollars in contracts that will support tens of thousands of American jobs.’

‘We will also explore ways to reduce barriers to United States exports and increase access to the Indian market.’

The article titled ‘Exporting our way to stability’ added: ‘Our government, together with American businesses and workers, must take steps to promote and sell our goods and services abroad – particularly in Asia. That’s how we’ll create jobs, prosperity and an economy that’s built on a stronger foundation.’

Obama arrives in India Saturday on a four-day trip. He is accompanied by his wife Michelle and top officials.

He will reach New Delhi Sunday for two days of hectic engagements. He leaves for Indonesia Tuesday.

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