Virginia gunman surrenders after killing eight

A gunman suspected of killing eight people in rural Virginia has turned himself over to police, the news channel CNN reported Wednesday.

Police cornered the man in a wooden area near the town of Appomattox in Virginia and spent 12 hours looking for him with the aid of sniffer dogs and heat-seeking devices.        

The suspect has been named as Christopher Speight, 39, from Appomattox. He surrendered to a police officer early Wednesday.        

Two of the victims of the shooting in Appomattox, about 300 km southwest of Washington, were Speight’s wife and son, according to a local officials.        

The killings were believed to have followed a family dispute.        

No details were issued about the six other victims.        

In the course of the incident, the suspect allegedly shot at a police helicopter. The aircraft was disabled but no one of the passengers was injured.        


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