Vindu Dara Singh regrets joining reality TV show ‘Maa Exchange’

New Delhi, March 24 (Calcutta Tube) Vindu Dara Singh regrets participating in Sony TV’s reality show ‘Maa Exchange’ because of Bakhtiyaar Irani’s bad behaviour towards his wife. On the other hand Bakhtiyaar alleges Vindu’s wife Dina Umarova had come to his house with an agenda to make his life hell.

Vindu and Bakhtiyaar first met in the ‘Bigg Boss 4’ house as inmates and they were constantly at loggerheads in the reality show. ‘Maa Exchange’, an Indian version of ‘Wife Swap’, sees an exchange between Russian model Dina and Bakhtiyaar’s actress wife Tanaaz.


Vindu, who has a daughter Amelia with Dina, regrets going to the show, even after being warned by his parents.


‘It was not a good experience. Not at all. My parents had told me, you shoudn’t be doing such kind of a show, but I was confident that there would be no big issues with my home or my family members,’ Vindu told IANS on phone.


‘But Bakhtiyaar is a insensitive man, he just doesn’t know how to behave properly. He shouted at my wife many times during the shoots. I am very pissed at him and the way he treated my wife.’


Bakhtiyaar says Dina came with an agenda and that those eight days were torturous for him.


‘Those eight days were the worst, they were tortuous. It seemed as if Vindu had given her the guidelines before she entered my house. She came all prepared to fight all the time and make issue out of every little thing. Dina was the worst replacement ever – she is nothing but an egoistic and shrewd woman,’ said Bakhtiyaar.


The episode featuring Tanaaz and Dina will be aired on Wednesday. The show is hosted by veteran television actress Surekha Sikri.

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