Vikram Phadnis: I’ve known the (film) industry for 15 years

New Delhi, Aug 27 (Calcutta Tube) Fashion designer Vikram Phadnis has for present put on the backburner his plans to wear the director’s cap.

‘I’ve known the (film) industry for 15 years as a technician and so I understand that things should happen when they should. I know it (my film) is taking time, but that is the way it is. Nothing in my life that I have planned has happened on time, so I’ve stopped planning,’ Phadnis told IANS.

‘So it (the film) will happen when it should happen. Meanwhile, it can wait, as I am enjoying what I am doing (designing),’ added Phadnis, who started his career as a choreographer.

Probed more on his ‘dream project’, he said: ‘It is a romantic musical. I wrote my script one and half years ago but as time passed by and more movies released, it has undergone certain changes in its approach.’

What about the star cast, as he is friends with many Bollywood stars?

‘I haven’t cast anyone yet. Things got to fall in place first, then comes the casting.’

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