Vidya Balan uses her sexuality unabashedly in Hindi Film Ishqiya


Before you get the wrong idea let us clear upfront that we are talking of Vidya Balan’s role in the film ‘Ishqiya’! The sizzling star who plays a village belle in Abhishek Chaubey’s debut directorial venture ‘Ishqiya’ plays the role of a femme fatal that has been carved out painstakingly by the director only for her!

Discussing Vidya’s role at length the director narrates, “‘Ishqiya’ started as a story of a woman who has the power with her husband at night though all through the day she may slog. It took me a year to write the subject. I followed just what the script dictated as a writer and did not have any actor in mind when I was writing it. ‘Ishqiya’ is the story of two criminals and a wily widow who lives on fragments in the periphery of the society and the plot functions like a thriller. We explore marital as well as extra-marital betrayal in love. Lust is just one element of the film.”

Umm… so what is basically Vidya’s role all about?

“Well the film has no social or political message. It is a film about finding love in the least expected of places. Emotional need leads us to search for people,” states the director.

And summing up his vision for Vidya’s role, he says, “It is a terrible truth that over the years, women have been subjugated and made to play an ornamental role in the male dominated society. In my film, my protagonist uses sexuality as a tool unabashedly.”

-Jyothi Venkatesh/ Sampurn Wire

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