Vidya Balan shoots for upcoming film ‘Who Killed Jessica’ in Delhi likes the city

Mumbai, April 20 (Calcutta Tube) Bollywood actress Vidya Balan, who has been shooting outdoors on the streets of Delhi for the upcoming movie ‘Who Killed -Jessica‘ from dawn till 10.30 p.m., is extremely exhausted. However, the actress is quick to point out that she loves Delhi.

‘There’s no time to do anything. By the time we wrap up, all I want to do is crash out for the day,’ she said.

‘Sadly, I haven’t even been able to meet my sister who stays in Gurgaon (on the outskirts of Delhi). She’s a wife, mother and a jobholder. By the time she comes from work it’s too late for us to meet up,’ the actress said.

‘I love the wide open spaces, the broad streets and the crowded lanes. Rani (Mukerji) and I have been shooting outdoors. Since she’s my favourite actress from the immediately-senior generation, I am happy to be sharing camera space with her,’ she said.

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