Vidya Balan goes green for ‘I Love Mumbai’


Very few actors get their share of success in B-Town also known as the city of dreams, in a short span of time. Vidya Balan is counted among those few fortunate ones who have made it on their own in Bollywood. Now this diva is all set to thank Mumbai-the city of dreams, by pledging to make it green.

Vidya has joined hands with Nana Chudasama, an eminent jurist and a former mayor and Sheriff of Mumbai. He is the founder of the NGO Giants International and has been very active all these years to make Mumbai- an environment friendly place.

Vidya is endorsing Chudasama eco-friendly cause and was seen distributing saplings to plant trees among the Mumbaities, on Sunday morning at Marine Drive.

Speaking on the occasion, Vidya goes, “Nana sahib has been very much part of my life as a Mumbaikar. I don’t miss the banners he has been putting outside his office which has become almost a landmark in Mumbai. I have been reading about him and also seen him doing so many good things for the society and the common Mumbaikar.”

Chudasama is the president of "I Love Mumbai" which he founded when he was Sheriff of Mumbai. The organization focuses on the greening, beautification and cleaning of Mumbai.

Vidya goes on to add, “ It is a privilege for me to be standing with him today and contributing my bit to his pet project, the tree planting drive from his NGO-I LOVE MUMBAI.”

Also present at the occasion was Shaina NC who has been an active member of NGO for a long time now.

Well Vidya’s eco-friendly campaign is sure to drive a few Bollywood babes green… we mean eco-friendly.

– Esha Razdan/ Sampurn Media

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