Vidhu Vinod Chopra gets road blocked

Already Mumbai roads are prone to traffic jams. But when the traffic jam is brought about unwillingly, the people lose their good temper. Recently, during rush hour, Vidhu Vinod Chopra caused a traffic jam on St Paul’s Road in Bandra.

Chopra took a trip to St Paul’s Road on January 18. His security guards blocked the road for about 10-12 minutes and didn’t allow anyone to use the road. Chopra then came from the wrong side of the road and only when he drove away were the others permitted to use the road.

Another famous director who happened to be there at that time was surprised by this. He expresses that while this kind of road block is done by politicians, it was shocking to know how Chopra blocked the road like that. And as there weren’t any traffic policemen there, he had free reign to do whatever he liked.

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