Verdict for Kasab by Telestars


26/11’s horror attack has left no Indian heart unhurt. Right from the day this dreadful act was carried out by Kasab and his partners, many people pray worst for them but they are are still breathing even after taking lives of many innocent people. For once, we cannot let Bygones be bygones, people want judiciary to give the guilty a severe punishment. Well, we cannot decide Kasab’s fate but at least can show our anger.

Thus we thought of asking some tele-celebs of what could be the severe punishment for the terrorist on this one year of terrorism. Here are some suggestions from our television actors,

Hiten Tejwani- He should be beheaded like in olden times or else every one should be given a gun and allowed to shoot him till death, just like he has done with us without thinking the consequences.

Ragini Khanna- He deserves strictest punishment but only by doing this it will not solve the terrorism problem. And If I would given a chance than I will put him in a well full of man-eating animals.

Amit Tondon- I don’ think Kasab is actual culprit, instead I feel bad for him that his life is wasted and is just a kid who’s made to do all this wrong deeds but if I were to punish anyone it should be the masterminds behind Kasab and the government which is still away from catching them.

Lavanya Tripathi- Any punishment will be less for him. I won’t kill him but do something bad to him like making him a retard or a handicap.

Avinash Sachdev- People like Kasab are brainwashed I won’t harm him but would rather go after the actual planners and then for them there is no option but death.

Rati Pandey- I feel Kasab is innocent and such people are just puppets in others hands and those should be tortured till death.

Sumeet Sachdev- What happened is unfortunate, I would leave it to law and hope that whenever the decision is taken justice is done.

Does terrorism has any end? This question has still remained unsolved but we can at least pay a tribute to our brave soldiers. Thus,Telly Cafe Team pays a tribute to those brave soldiers who were shaheed fighting against this attack and remembrance for those innocent people who lost their lives. We all wish that terrorism will soon come to an end so lets join hands for the same.

-Chandana H Buch /Sampurn Media

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