Veer Salman Khan conquers Suburban mall and hosts his darbar


This afternoon the buzz in the air was electric…Veer Salman Khan conquered a suburban mall amongst great fan frenzy. ‘Intechs Veer Ka Darbar’, the promotional activity for Veer devised and executed by Shona Chakravarty was to the hilt a complete pot boiler, with a bride hunt, a sketching competition, and impromptu performances to entertain all.

Coy hopefuls for the title of ‘Intechs Veer Ki Dulhan’ sashayed, while aspiring starlets of the art world, little seven and ten year olds from the family service centre performed along with Veer to some favourite Salman Khan hits and sketched images of Veer. Fan witnessed a plethora of activity where Veer Salman Khan interacted on a one on one platform provided by ‘Intechs Veer Ka Darbar’ fans visited the mall, but nothing prepared them for what they experienced-a complete feeling of euphoria on being conquered by Veer Salman Khan.

Salman is truly the superstar-the only superstar. His sheer connection with his fans is testimony enough for his fans; not for himself but all share the same adulation for him. So if you missed being a part of ‘Intechs Veer Ka Darbar’ rush to a theatre, experience the euphoria experience Veer Salman Khan.

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