Veer is now the name of Bollywood star Salman Khan’s dog


By Subhash K Jha

Feb 3, 2010 (Sampurn Wire): A puppy dog that Salman Khan had acquired last month has now been named ‘Veer’, after his new release and the character he plays in it.

The little pup’s ‘naam-karan’ happened on Monday evening, when pleased with the collections of Veer (it’s doing well in the single theatres) Salman impulsively turned to his family and pointed to the nameless pup saying, “Let’s call him Veer.”

Says a source close to Salman, “Making ‘Veer’ was not easy for Salman. Throughout the film he had altercations with the director Anil Sharma who finally filmed only a portion of the story that Salman wrote. There were heated abusive arguments between the star and director almost till the end of shooting.”

Until the pup, a Mastiff arrived.

Continues the source, “Suddenly after the puppy arrived things began to improve between Salman and Anil Sharma. The atmosphere on location became cordial and the last lap of the film was completed in peace. From then onwards Salman considered the new dog in his life lucky.”

The dog kept ill health from the time it arrived at the Khans’ residence. When its health miraculously improved after the release of ‘Veer’ Salman decided that the film and his pet dog were lucky for one another.

With reports of the film’s success coming in on Monday Salman has taken the puppy’s lucky tag to a new level.
Says the source, “Salman attributes the success of ‘Veer’ to his new dog. ‘This is Veer who made ‘Veer’ a success,” he proudly says to guests.”

-Sampurn Wire

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