Veer (2010) Hindi Movie Review

Veer is a 2010 Hindi movie starring Salman Khan with Zarine Khan, Mithun Chakraborty and Jackie Shroff. VEER is directed by Anil Sharma. A much hyped Salman Khan movie that tells tha story of independence fight between Pindhari tribe and the British.

Veer is a 2010 Hindi movie starring Salman Khan with Zarine Khan, Mithun Chakraborty and Jackie Shroff. VEER is directed by Anil Sharma. A much hyped Salman Khan movie that tells tha story of independence fight between Pindhari tribe and the British.

  • Veer: Salman makes Veer work
  • Rating: 3 out of 5*
  • Starring: Salman Khan, introducing Zarine Khan, Mithun Chakraborty and Jackie Shroff
  • Director: Anil Sharma


Anil Sharma is known for giving a huge canvas to his films and his latest film, Veer is no exception in that respect from many of his past films. Seeking inspiration from ‘Taras Bulba’, Veer is a big screen experience which may remind you of films like Kranti, Mard, Dharam Veer and even Gladiator and Troy at time but nonetheless it is an entertainer if you are willing to suspend your belief and not look out for much historical accuracies. Playing to the gallery most of the times, Veer seems to be aimed more at the masses than at the multiplex going junta.

Set in pre independence era, Veer narrates the tale of the valiant Pindhari tribe that fought against the British. It is circa 1862 when the Raja of Madhavgarh aligning with the British, treacherously kills 4,500 Pindhari soldiers despite them helping him defeating his enemies. Pindhari warrior Prithvi Singh (Mithun) vows to slaughter the Raja (Jackie) and every British soldier that comes his way. His son grows up to be a dare devil fighter, Veer (Salman). Prithvi sends his sons Veer and Punya (Sohail Khan) to London for an education so they can figure out how the British mind works. But matters become complicated when Veer falls in love with the princess of Madhavgarh, Yashodhara (Zarine Khan). Now while vowing to get back his father’s honour, he also has to balance his love for her. How Veer valiantly battles the wicked king and the British and even manages to kick-start the Indian independence movement forms the rest of the film.

Salman towers around the film with his amazing screen presence and his efforts taken on his character are visible. You just can’t think of anyone else but Salman playing this role. Debutante Zarine Khan is very pretty but still raw as far as acting is concerned. Mithun Chakraborty is in top form after a long time and his scenes with Salman are amongst the highlights of the film. Jackie does full justice to his evil character. Sohail Khan repeats the same act he has been since last four years. Neena Gupta fits the bill. Puru Rajkumar and Aryan Vaid impress in their small parts. Bharat Dabholkar, Ashok Samarth, Vinay Apte, Rajesh Vivek and Yuri playing the Pindhari soldiers have been perfectly cast but don’t get much scope justifying their acting talent. The British actors lend able support.

Veer has many things going for it and the most important one being the conviction and hard work that Salman and Anil Sharma have lent to it. The battle scenes are terrific and so is the cinematography. There are many applause worthy moments for the masses to enjoy, be it the extremely well shot daring train robbery sequence, the pre-interval sequences when Veer and Yashodhara come to know about each other’s background or the confrontation between Veer and a disgruntled Pindhari tribe warrior and Veer’s first meeting with the Raja. There are a few downers as well, the most important one being the slackening of the film’s pace just post interval and the use of the same song ‘Surili Ankhiyonwale’ repeatedly during many key moments of the film. Also while devising the screenplay from Salman Khan’s story, the writers could have also weaved in a more imaginative screenplay.

Veer, however will work big time in the single screens and small towns, especially in the North. It is a paisa vasool movie just for watching Salman Khan alone. Do check it out if you want to experience a guilt pleasure entertainer.

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Veer Hindi Movie Review 2

By Subhash K. Jha
Movie: “Veer”; Directed by: Anil Sharma; Starring: Mithun Chakraborty, Salman Khan, Neena Gupta, Sohail Khan, Zarine Khan.

“Veer” is one of those intended epics that goes wrong. Horribly wrong.

Director Anil Sharma had combined history and kitsch with compelling consequences in “Gadar Ek Prem Katha”. But In “Veer”, the khichdi of fact and fiction runs amok, creating a blend of babble and bloodshed that is more hysterical than historic.

“Veer” wallows in primitive valour. Father Mithun Chakraborty (the only tolerable performance in the litany of the unbearable) and son Salman Khan often mock-fight, as the burly members of their tribe urge them on like animals in a zestful zoo. Even Neena Gupta who plays Mithun’s wife (and has apparently forgotten she was once a good actress) joins in the macho revelry.

There are no smoking guns. Only shining swords slicing across the epic canvas with fashionable bravura.

Costume dramas are very tricky cinematic efforts. How do the makers know if the clothes and props suggesting periodicity are going to work? In this case, they just don’t!

The ‘research’ that seems to have gone into the colossal fiasco is at best scratch level. At worst the detailing suggested by the art director (Sanjay Dhabade) and costumes (Anna Singh) smack of amateurish stage plays where the actors create characters purely through props.

And here the props include the Buckingham Palace where our valorous hero Veer (Salman Khan) and his brother-sidekick (Sohail Khan, behaving as though he was in the sequel to “Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya”) teach those ‘Gora Log’ a few lessons on how to treat us Indians with respect and dignity.

Where would independent India be without such strident architects of freedom? It is doubtful that a man like Veer actually existed in the history of our freedom movement. But does anyone really care?

“Veer” is not really a freedom fighter. He’s Salman Khan with long hair and costume jewellery (the diamond ear-tops could be the envy of all his leading ladies) scowling with the same intensity into the panoramic camera as he did earlier in “Wanted”.

Clothes definitely maketh this man, although Veer in one of the unintentionally funny sequences of the film reprimands the gora professor in London (teaching the most motley crew of colonists seen in any film) saying, “Clothes do not make the man, the man makes the clothes” – a quote on he says he borrowed from George Bernard Shaw.

Where did he learn about Shaw? In school? Do such questions really matter when the intention is to create an optical illusion merging myth and history in a claustrophobic clasp that leaves no breathing space for introspective punctuations?

“Veer” is one sweeping rush of blood, sweat, gore, adrenaline and saliva. It is meant to sweep audiences off its collective feet. But its takeoff point, namely the ideological slant, is so faulty, you wonder what these blood-thirsty warriors are fighting for.

Most of the time the characters’ motivations are superimposed by a passionate but pedestrian melodrama.

Director Anil Sharma’s inherent sense of drama comes with the blood-soaked territory. While in the father-son sequences he manages to create a scale and range that merge rugged machismo with a junk food version of patriotism, the love story featuring the nomadic warrior and the bereft princess from the enemy tribe is driven into a zero-chemistry zone by the pair.

Forget mutual passion, there’s very little drama or romance in the dialogues and the visual props for them to share.

“Veer” gets details of the period and locations in place. But the inner conviction and a genuine passion that made Anil Sharma’s “Gadar: Ek Prem Katha” so special are completely absent in this film.

21 thoughts on “Veer (2010) Hindi Movie Review

  1. this movie is the best movie ive ever watched…you all have to watch me on this one
    salman khan looks so hottttttt
    and he acted the best in this movieee…

  2. Tremendous movie, a complete film. Music, acting, direction and cinematography are excellent.
    Veer – a role only Salman Khan could play, Well-done.
    Zarine Khan, hard to take your eyes off – great debutante.
    This is one movie experience NOT to be missed.

  3. Veer is an Excellent film. It had marvellous performances from Salman and Mithun. Good Action, Good Music, Good direction, Good cinematography. Salman is highlight of film. He definitely fetch an award for his performance as warrior. Great film after long long years. Moreover, Veer is rocking the Indian boxoffice. It is breaking all previous records at all over India. Good work Salman…

  4. ‘ Veer’A must Watch Movie. It had all ingredients to be an excellent film. Veer will be biggest block buster. Great film in indian history. It had hollywood touch. Veer is India’s Gladiator and Troy. Do yourself favour. Watch and know, How excellent Veer is….

  5. Veer is a complete entertainer. Fast moving.. A complete paisa vasool film. And for Salman fan a must watch.. Salman has given a superb performance. No one else could have bring that charater the charm which he has given. After a long time Mithun has done a good movie.Don’t go for historical accuracies. If you just want to watch a good movie Veer is best right now. Zarine looks good. Jackie has done justice to his evil character. I know the critic has not liked the movie much, but a must watch Salman movie..

  6. I must say great movie. Go and watch full paisa vasul. And one thing which I want to say for Salman (Great Human profissional as well as personal). Commitements.

  7. veer movie is best in salmaan khan life……………………………………………………….

  8. eer has got a big thumbs down from the critics and media but at the box office it has performed well till now. The film will emerge a Super hit in Rajasthan while circuits like Delhi/UP, Bihar, CP Berar and CI also doing Super hit business. Single screen business is huge in the Hindi belt.
    Veer created havoc in the Rajasthan circuit when it opened on Friday. It remains to be seen what sort of business Veer does in the whole of India but in Rajasthan the film is a clean Super hit even if collections were to crash badly over the weekdays
    Veer set new records in most of the centres in Rajasthan with only Jaipur, Kota and a couple of other cities being the exception. Jodhpur, Bikaner, Shriganganagar, Sikar, Alwar, Kisangarh, Bhilwara and many more stations witnessed never seen before figures.

    In Jodhpur the masses were so impressed by Salman Khan in Veer that after watching the film they put garlands on Salman Khan cut-outs which featured him in his Veer look. These sort of scenes are very rare for Hindi films heroes although it happens with the megastars of South India.

  9. Mr Jha. u r the biggest fool in this world. Did u believed Veer was a real hero and someone like him existed? Growup, its a fictious charector if u still didnt realise. Dont rate a movie with what you expected, rate the movie on its merit.
    Veer is a wholesome entertainer and i completely agree with the first reivew. The pre-interval sequel of revealing the identity is one of the best scenes i had ever witnessed in indian cinema.
    What the movie and judge it, i guarantee you will never get disappointed. Its paise vasool 100% guaranteed.

  10. i like salman khan and m diehard fan of him.salman khan has act marvellous and ll act more in near future.he is the real hero of bollywood cannot compare with sharukh and pls watch this movie and know who is the best of bollywood.

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