Veena Malik’s observation on World Cup

Mumbai, April 2 (Calcutta Tube) ‘Saturday April 2, 1983, was the day Kapil Dev brought the first World Cup for India. Insha Allah, Saturday April 2, 2011, is going to be (Mahendra Singh) Dhoni’s day. Pakistan is out of the World Cup, so all my loyalties are now with India.’ That’s the new cricket commentator Veena Malik for you.

The irrepressible shock queen is in India to be part of two cricket shows on television. ‘Some people compare me to Mandira Bedi. But I am happy being who I am. I love cricket, though commenting on it is not something I thought I would do. But life is such. You never know where it takes you,’ she said.

Veena does have her favourites among the cricketers from both sides. ‘Yuvraj (Singh) and (Shahid) Afridi both play from the heart and believe in playing fair cricket. No one can buy their loyalties. I’m a huge fan of Sachin Tendulkar, but only when he isn’t playing against Pakistan,’ she chuckles.

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