Vatsal Sheth-on his career and films

Vatsal Sheth, the Bollywood actor talks about his Hindi movie Paying Guest, that is to release at the end of 2009, and other films. Read the interview at CalcuttaTube.

Vatsal Sheth-on his career and films

Just Mohabbat boy Vatsal Sheth is now a grown up boy. His growth will be precisely evident by the end of this year as after ‘Paying Guest’ he has five more films in his kitty. Excited actor gets candid in an interview and discusses his films and career.

So how is year 2009 for you?

So far it’s great, as I have three more films releasing this year. Also there are few more films lined up for next year. Best part is that each film is different where I am getting to do varied roles.

Which among these films are you really looking forward to?

As an actor, I believed in all of them and have given my 100 percent, so I definitely expect a lot from each of them. My film Toh Baat Pakki is ready to release and the rest are in making.

What kinds of films are you doing?

Toh Baat Pakki is a romantic drama where Tabu is looking for a groom for her sister, and I am the one. Ghost Ghost Nah Raha is a comedy film, Seasons Greetings is drama again, and Hostel is a serious issue based film that deals with ragging.

Which other genre would you like to attempt?

I would love to do horror, where I would play the ghost. I always have fascination for negative role, as the bad guy gets to do everything despite getting beaten up in the end.

Do you look back to the time when you began your acting career?

Yes I do cherish my ‘Just Mohabbat’ days. It was a quality show on television then, people still remember me for that. As of now, I have shifted my focus on films, as I see the lack of creativity on television today. If I get something as exciting as Just Mohabbat, I would definitely take up. Whatever I am today it’s because of TV, so I have nothing against it.

Are you disappointed over any of your film that was close to your heart but did not do well at the box office?

Yes it’s my first film Tarzan- The Wonder Car. There are several reasons behind it not working out well, but it is one of the most watched films on television today. I must mention that one of the channels repeatedly telecast the film to beat the big films on other channels. Until today it makes good TRPs for that channel.

Do you want to be a star or an actor?

Balance of both, I want to be loved by people for everything I do.

Do you regret doing any of your film?

I am a very optimistic person, so I never regret whatever I do.

What kinds of roles would you like to do in future?

Honestly whole of James Bond series.

-Deepa Mishra/ Sampurn

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