Vatican’s bathroom treasures erotic paintings of Raphael

London, Dec 23 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS); It may sound strange, but legendary painter Raphael had drawn erotic paintings inside the bathroom of Vatican.

The paintings were done by the  Renaissance master in 1516.

Despite several rumours on the presence of such paintings inside Vatican was heard for ages but it was only after the visit of  journalist from the Slate magazine that the speculations got confirmed.

Tony Perrottet wrote a piece on his visit to the gallery and called it ‘Stufetta della Bibbiena’ which mean ‘the small heated room of Cardinal Bibbiena’.

The residents of  Vatican gave their best efforts in keeping the ‘erotic’ images under wraps. In the mid-19th century the paintings were rediscovered by a Catholic art expert.

However, the access to the highly speculated room remained under covers and it was totally a rare moment when a visitor was allowed to sneak peek into it.

Perrottet got the permission to visit it after much trouble and said that the master had designed the room like a  graphic novel where he showcased the adventures of goddess Venus and Cupid, media reports said.

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