UTV World Movies website becomes user-friendly

Information about more than 450 films from across the world is now available on UTV World Movies website which has been revamped in order to connect with a larger audience.

‘UTV World Movies for a long time has brought world’s best cinemas to you and we felt that this should extend to the web as well,’ Vahishta Mistry, vice-president Interactive Broadcast of UTV World Movies, told IANS.

‘We kind of expose people to mainstream movies of different language from across the world. The only requirement is if one likes to watch movies in general, these movies would not interest them,’ he said.

The site doesn’t allow watching movies online, but helps user to put forward their request for movies they want to see.

‘The website doesn’t allow you to watch these movies on the site. This would allow viewers to tell us, which movie he would like to see. These are all primarily regarding the licensed movies on UTV World Movies,’ said Mistry.

He insisted that the site has been made user-friendly which helps easy sorting of movies.

‘We have given a three-step process. We have narrowed everything down to region, genre and decade of the movie. If you tell us okay I want to watch a French film, a romantic one and a modern one say made in last 20 years. We will recommend them to visit our library of films listed in those parameters,’ said Mistry.

‘Once you choose a film set a reminder and we will send you text on when that film is coming on UTV World Movies channel,’ said Mistry.

Giving a deeper insight into the site, he said: ‘The problem that people face when they come to any movie channel website is they want to see which movies we have but it’s not easy to sort out from hundreds of movies.’

‘We have developed a map, which is like a world map there are makers on map from where we have films in our library. So if you click on those markers, you will actually see the details of that movie in the region of its origin. Secondly. you can also sort by the region,’ he said.

The library contains more than 450 critically acclaimed and award-winning films from across the world and we are looking forward to adding movie every month.

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