UTV Bindass presents Emotional Atyachar

Do you have a nagging feeling that your partner might be cheating on you? Or perhaps you think that your best friend’s girlfriend is not being entirely honest with him? Now Bindass gives you the opportunity to discover the truth for yourself- once and for all, and avoid future emotional atyachar. Chances are your partner will come out smelling of roses, or if you’re unlucky, you may see some stuff that is kind of tough to see and hard to believe! If you, or someone close to you, thinks the love of your life could have too much of a roving eye, get in touch with the ‘Emotional Atyachar’ Crew. We will test the truth and show it to you! Here finally is a show that gives you a chance to check out whether he (or she) is really that into you.

‘Emotional Atyachar’ brings raw emotion to TV like never before. As one partner’s actions are caught on hidden cameras, the other is watching what happens. If it all gets too much, there is a button which he or she can press during the live streaming to bring a halt to the proceedings, then leave the studio and meet his or her partner. The biggest question is which way the pendulum will swing- will true love conquer all?

Watching the show from the comfort of their homes, viewers will be on the edge of their seats, as the action unravels during this path breaking reality show.

Bindass ‘Emotional Atyachar’ takes the concept of love and fidelity to a whole new level, revealing the real truth behind relationships on national television.

Commenting on the launch of ‘Emotional Atyachar’, Heather Gupta, Channel Head- UTV Bindass says, “This concept is a stark contrast to the regular and rather monotonous form of reality shows which involve music, dance, etc. This is a groundbreaking and original concept which promises not only to be an extremely engaging watch but also a reflection of what people actually experience. Fidelity is an absolute requirement in most relationships and a test of that on national television will certainly be worth the watch.”

Angad Bedi, the host of the show comments, “My role in the show is to watch as the action unfolds, and be a support for the person who is watching the investigation. I’m there for them as they watch, and there to support them as they confront their cheating partner, if indeed that happens. The discovery of infidelity is a truly painful experience, but I genuinely believe that it is better to endure a short term pain, than to discover an infidelity down the line, when a relationship may have moved to a much more serious level. After all, if someone was cheating on you, wouldn’t you rather know? Thankfully UTV Bindass is here to save you from ‘Emotional Atyachar’.”

Promising to keep you glued to your television screen, ‘Emotional Atyachar’ will give you the excitement of being able to witness the drama of a real relationship as well as gain insights into life and love. This show will certainly keep you at the edge of your seat and gripped with tension as you witness the Bindass Crew unfold the drama of love, lust and potential confrontation and no one can predict the extent of the fireworks that will follow!

To add on to the program, a robust marketing plan has been crafted with a mix of various media including TV, radio, print, web, multiplex, trade and BTL in multiple cities will be held in these cities to create buzz.

‘Emotional Atyachar’ is being produced by UTV Television with inputs from Creative Director and writer Roshni Ghosh. The program is conceptualized by the Bindass Team with input from head of programming Shalini Sethi, creative director Shifa and executive producer Divya Sanjeev.

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