Uttarakhand to take part in 2011 ITB Berlin Tourism Fair

Kolkata, July 30 (IANS) Uttarakhand will be showcased in the 2011 Berlin Tourism Fair to attract more international tourists to the state.

Domestic tourists comprise 98 percent of the total inflow to Uttarakhand. Most of them concentrate around Haridwar and the Corbett National Park.

The German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) is cooperating with the Uttarkhand government to promote tourism of the state through its Regional Economic Development (RED) programme.

‘Uttarakhand had participated in the ITB Berlin Tourism Fair earlier but we want to ensure that future participations yield maximum result for them,’ Subroto Roy, senior programme manager, GTZ-RED, told IANS.

‘In the next three to five years we expect substantial rise in foreign tourist visit to the state after participation in ITB Berlin Tourism Fair,’ he said.

Roy said GTZ-RED is also trying to enhance religious tourism of Uttarakhand.

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