Uttar Pradesh bans elephants from crowded localities

Lucknow, March 2 (IANS) The elephant might be the proud symbol of Uttar Pradesh’s ruling Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), but henceforth, it will not find place in any densely populated locality of the country’s most populous state.

An order to that effect was issued by the state government here Tuesday.

Interestingly, what prompted the government to adopt this policy was last week’s high drama in Meerut city where a tame elephant ran amok, keeping the local administration and wildlife officials on tenterhooks for a good 18 hours.

The animal was understood to have gone on a rampage on account of the blaring music being played on loudspeakers during a wedding ceremony there.

Besides banning entry of any ‘tamed wild animal’ in densely populated urban localities, the state wildlife department has also issued clear cut directives for a periodical medical check-up of such animals, along with a properly maintained medical record with details of immunisation and treatment undergone by them.

Though the order was applicable to all tamed wild animals licensed and registered by wildlife authorities, in effect it would apply to elephants since that was the only animal allowed to be kept in captivity.

‘Any default will invite serious punitive action against the licencee,’ state Chief Wildlife Conservator B.K. Patnaik told IANS.

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