Uttar Pradesh assembly rushes budget, adjourned sine die

Lucknow, Feb 16 (Calcutta Tube) The Uttar Pradesh assembly was Tuesday adjourned sine die after a brief winter session that commenced Jan 21.

The Mayawati government’s intention to bring the session to a close became clear on Monday itself when it got the budget of as many as 74 departments passed by voice vote in a matter of minutes without discussion.

Even Tuesday, the government speeded up passing of a few major bills, including one providing for eviction of occupants from public premises with a simple 15-day notice. The bill even seeks to deny any citizen right to appeal against such eviction before any court.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Lalji Verma sought to justify the bill by pointing out that scores of people were occupying government accommodation even after they ceased to hold the position that entitled them to such accommodation.

Voices of dissent from the opposition benches were ignored as the treasury benches passed the bill by voice vote.

The bill seeking substantial hike in the remuneration and allowances admissible to legislators and ministers was, however, passed without any dissent.

When some members of the main opposition Samajwadi Party sought to oppose the premature close of the budget session, the treasury benches shouted them down and charged them of having done the same while their party was in power.

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