Uttam Kumar-Supriya Debi: Iman Kalyan (1982) Online Bangla Movie

Uttam Kumar-Supriya Debi: Iman Kalyan (1982) Online Bangla Movie
Direction: Jatrik
Produced by:
Chirantan Chitra
Editing: Amio Mukherjee
Story and Script: Shantimoy Banerjee
Lyric: Chandidas Basu
Playback Singers: Manna Dey, Banashree Sengupta, Shakti Thakur, Bitu Samajpati and more
Cast: Dipankar Dey, Anup Kumar, Tarun Kumar, Prashanta Chatterjee, Sishir Mitra, Monmoth Mukherjee, Mahua Roy Chowdhury, Subrata Chatterjee, Geeta Dey, Tapati Bhattacharyta, Supriya Debi    .


Iman Kalyan is one of the greatest Bengali movies that will live ever and ever after! Whom should I talk? Awesome Uttam Kumar? Dashin romantic Dipnkar Dey? Terrific Supriya Debi? funniest Anup Kumar? Well there are too much to say. In few words Inam Kalyan is definitely of the best movies made by “Uttam-Supriya” however Dipankar Dey emerged most prominently in this beautiful Bengali fil full of humor and comedy sequences. Dont forget that we also have great songs by Manna Dey such as
Fuler Bone Bhromor Elo

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2 thoughts on “Uttam Kumar-Supriya Debi: Iman Kalyan (1982) Online Bangla Movie

  1. This is a nice movie. Can someone please post “Shudhu ekti bosor” by Uttam Kumar & Supriya Debi. Thanks.

  2. Total bullshit movie
    one of the worst by the maestro Uttam Kumar

    too much emotional….illogical translation

    nothing is good except the acting

    that too, anup kumar doing a pattern role

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