Uttam Kumar Special: Hotel Snow Fox (1982) Online Bangla Cinema

Uttam Kumar Special: Hotel Snow Fox (1982) Online Bangla Cinema/Movie
Direction: Jatrik
Produced by:
Art Direction: Anil Gupta
Camera: Jyoti Laha
Sound Recording: Anil Dasgupta, Somen Chatterjee, Balaram Barui
Main Editor: Ordhendu Chatterjee
Editing: Pratul Roy Chowdhury
Story and Script: Koutilya Gupta, original story: Snow Fox Caberet, Script : Jatrik and Partha Pratim Chowdhury
Music Direction: Nachiketa Ghosh , Assistant: V.Balsara
Lyric: Gouri Prasanna Majumdar, Shyamal Gupta, Indrani Bhattacharya
Playback Singers: Manna Dey,
Cast: Uttam Kumar, Mithu Mukherjee, Asit Baran, Biju Fukun, Amarnath Mukherjee, Sishir Mitra, Haradhan Banerjee, Amit Dey, Subrata Sen, Kalyan Chatterjee, Shamita Biswas, Shipra Mitra, Bula Ghosh, Basanti Roy, .


Hotel Snow Fox! I don’t know if I should try to write an review for this film. This is basically one of the worst film made in Bengali Film Industry packed with sex, sex and sex! I guess Uttam Kumar was not selective about choosing films at the later stage of his life. You will see girls dancing with minimum amount of cloths in a “Black and White” movie screen of “conservative” bengali culture. It is not only once but you will see numerous dance sequences. Uttam Kumar is sort the “PLAYBOY” in this movie and loves to have sex with bar dancers and cute girls! He drinks, smokes and stays in the Hotel Snow Fox which is the main .place to exploit poor and needy beautiful women! Mithu Mukherjee looked fat, as she is, and Uttam Kumar did not impress anybody. It will easily give you a nice headache and you will be releived to stop watching this useless movie. Still, if you are a Uttam die hard fan, watch it, but don’t blame me later, please!!

They only thing that you may enjoy is songs by Manna Dey with able music direction by Nachiketa Ghosh!

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