Uttam Kumar Documentary

Uttam Kumar Documentary

Uttam Kumar in Jhinder Bandhi
Uttam Kumar in Jhinder Bandhi

Director: Swapan Das
Release date: October, 2008
Releasing at: Nandan – for premire show only

What you will find in this Documentary?

  • Clips from various movies by Uttam Kumar
  • Rare Pictures of Little Uttam Kumar
  • Early life of Uttam Kumar, pre-hero life.
  • Interview with Tarun Kumar
  • Interview with his son Gautam
  • Speech about old memories with Uttam Kumar by Supriya Debi, Sabitri Chatterjee etc.

When did you last see a documentary film?
Don’t know about you all, but I can not remember when did I last see a documentary film. The documentary films never release in Movie Halls, neither I have ever seen any DVD or VCD of any such Bengali Dumentary films. The Uttam Kumar Documantary will not be released to the public. Then the question is who is going to benefit from the film?

The documentary film on Uttam Kumar was started about four years back and finally it is finished.

Who made famous Bengali Documentary films?

  1. Satyajit Roy  (Documentary Film: Rabindranath Tagore; The Inner Eye)
  2. Gautam Ghosh (Documentary Film: Raja Ram Mohon Roy)
  3. Harisadhan Dasgupta (Documentary Film: Konark)
  4. Sandip Roy (Documentary Film: Kishore Kumar)

Will there be a better market and viewers of Documentary Films?
Only you can answer the question. Rather, only you can decide the answer. If the films are made available to public, I am sure we still have numerous viewers of good documentary films in Bengal.

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