US to Kolkata Calling Card: India Pre-Paid Phone Card

September 25, 2010, KOLKATA (Calcutta Tube): Don’t just miss your family in India during the MAHALAYA and DURGA PUJA time, call and talk to them with the great international calling card to India. Digitz International Prepaid Calling and Phone Cards that have many features including easy recharging, auto-recharge. Digitz offers great quality of international calls to any cellular and landline in India! + Prepaid Calling & Phone Cards + Cheap Calling & Phone Cards + International Calling Cards + Long Distance Phone Cards + Calling Cards in International Services

Buy Online: India International Phone Card

Kolkata Calling Card
Kolkata Calling Card

Technical Details

  • No Expiration or Hidden Fees
  • No Internet or WIFI Necessary
  • Rechargeable and Pinless Dialing
  • Easy to set up Auto-recharge
  • Cheapest way to call your country!

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