US to announce massive arms sale to Saudi Arabia

Washington, Oct 20 (DPA) The US is expected to announce an arms deal with Saudi Arabia Wednesday worth up to $60 billion that would include advanced fighter jets, helicopters and other weaponry in what amounts to the largest US arms deal ever.

The Obama administration was also to inform Congress of the deal after weeks of discussions with Israelis to assure them the US is committed to Israel’s defence.

Israel has expressed concerns over supplying Saudi Arabia with advanced arms. But Washington has sought to bolster the defence of key allies like Saudi Arabia to counter Iran.

The US State Department scheduled a press conference to announce the deal later Wednesday.

The Wall Street Journal reported the deal includes 154 new and upgraded F-15 fighters. The helicopters are 70 Apaches, 72 Black Hawks and 36 Little Birds, the newspaper said.

The size of the deal warrants congressional review. While some lawmakers have expressed worries about the package over Israel’s concerns, they are not expected to block the deal.

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