US based dance company conducts workshop in Kolkata

Kolkata, Sept 12 (calcutta Tube / IBNS) US-based dance company-Parijat Desai Dance Company, in association with Rhythmosaic Dance Company, conducted a dance workshop here recently.

The workshop organised by American Center had participants from different age groups.

Parijat Desai, owner of the dance company, choreographed Indo-Western dance fusion, a blend of Indian Classical and Western contemporary dance form.

Parijat said the dance choreographed for the workshop was a “blend of Bharatanatyam, yoga, American contemporary and modern dance with some elements of post modern dance”.

In fact, “different forms of Martial arts” was also incorporated in the dance, she said.

She integrated the sculptural lines, intricate rhythms and theatricality of Indian dance with the full-bodied movement and conceptual experimentation of modern western dance.

Specialized in Bharatanatyam and Modern dance, Parijat combined the fluid movement of the Indian dance form with the sharp, grounded movement of the western dance form.

Parijat said it is important to know about the “tradition and background” to learn a dance form.

“Understanding the meaning and theme of the song or music is important,” she said.

Seeing the enthusiast participants, Parijat said she was inspired by their love for dance.

The interactive session after dance was informative as well as inspiring for the participants.

According to Parijat, the most important thing is to make dance one’s passion which comes from deep within. “One needs not be specialized in a particular form but should have the understanding of various principles of dance forms.”

Ronni Shombik Gosh of Rhythmosaic had a different opinion. He said one needs to have a strong training in one form and then find connection with other forms to merge them.

Ranvir Shah, Artistic Director Prakriti Foundation, talking to the participants about dance, said: “Your focus has to be your passion in life.”

Giving some tips to the participants,Parijat said “The different dance forms were basically principles of different movements. One needs to understand those principles to express ones emotion.”

Some of the participants had their own dance school, some were students taking formal dance classes,while others were just dance lovers. Some even started by learning Bollywood dance in the basement.

Coming from different backgrounds everyone had one thing in common, their penchant for dancing.
(Reporting by Nawaneeta Subba)

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