Upahar(1955) -Uttam-Sabitri Classic Bangla Movie

Upahar(1955) -Uttam-Sabitri Classic Bangla Movie
Direction: Tapan Sinha
Story: Sailajanand Mukherjee (Screen Play: Tapan Sinha)
Music Direction: Kalipada Sen
Lyric: Gouri Prasanna Majumdar
Playback Singers: ?
Cast: Uttam Kumar, Manju Dey, Sabitri Chatterjee, Nirmal Kumar, Kanu Banerjee, Jahar Roy, Nripati Chatterjee, Rajlakshmi Debi, Aparna Debi, Anubha Gupta, Chhabi Biswas, Salil Dutta,
and more…..

Source of the following article about Tapan Sinha:
Tapan Sinha (Bengali: তপন সিন্‌হা), born in Kolkata on 2nd October 1924, is a well respected Bengali Indian film director. He is arguably the most uncompromising filmmaker outside the orbit of parallel cinema. His awe-inspiring body of work can possibly be matched by only a Mrinal Sen or a Satyajit Ray. Tapan Sinha’s works have won 19 National Film Awards in various categories. His films have also won laurels in International Film Festivals of Berlin, Venice, London, Moscow, San Francisco, Locarno, Cork Festival in Ireland Kampuchea and Seoul. He has also served as a member of the jury in film festivals at Tashkent and San Francisco among others. Although he is primarily based in the Bengali film industry, he has also made films in different languages like Hindi and Oriya in the past. His wife was another famous Bengali Indian actress Arundhati Devi. Their son is notable Indian scientist Professor Anindya Sinha.


Some important awards won by his films are:
* Kabulliwalaah(1956), based on a story by Rabindranath Tagore, won the Music Award at the Berlin Film Festival, demonstrating his sharp sensitivity.
* Ek Doctor Ki Maut(Death of a Doctor)(1991), won National Award for Second Best Film, Best Director, 1991/ Special Jury Award for Best Actor, 1991/ BFJA Awards – Best Film, Best Director, 1991/ 37th Film Fare Award for Best Screenplay, 1991/ Red Cross Film Festival, Sofia (Bulgaria), 1991

A list of movies directed by Tapan Sinha are:

* Ankush (1954)
* Upahaar (1955)
* Tonsil (1956)
* Kabuliawala (1957)
* Lauha Kapat (1958)
* Kala Mati (1958)
* Khaniker Atithi (1959)
* Khudhito Pashan (1960)
* Jhinder Bandi (1961)
* Hansuli Banker Upakatha (1962)
* Nirjan Saikate (1963)
* Jatugriha (1964)
* Arohi (1964)
* Atithi (1965)
* Galpo Holeo Satti (1966)
* Hate Bazare (1967)
* Aapan Jon (1968)
* Sagina Mahato (1970)
* Sasina (1970)
* Ekhani (1971)
* Zindagi Zindagi (1972)
* Aandhar Periye (1973)
* Raja (1975)
* Harmonium (1976)
* Ek Je Chhilo Desh (1977)
* Safed Haathi (1978)
* Sabuj Dwiper Raja (1979)
* Banchharamer- Bagan (1980)
* Adalat O Ekti Meye (1982)
* Admi Aur Aurat (1982)
* Manush (1983)
* Didi (1984)
* Baidurya Rahasya (1985)
* Atanka (1986)
* Aaj Ka Rabinhood (1987)
* Ek Doctor Ki Maut (1991)
* Antardhaan (1992)
* Wheel Chair (1994)
* Satabdir Kanya (1996)
* Ajab Gnayer Ajab Katha (1999)
* Anokhi Moti (2000)

Here is the list of movies directed by Agradoot that are available to watch online:

  1. Hatey Bazarey – Ashoke Kumar – Vyjayanthimala
  2. Jhinder Bandhi – The Prisoner of Zenda – Uttam Kumar, Soumitra Chatterjee, Arundhati Debi
  3. Jatugriha – Uttam Kumar, Arundhati Debi
  4. Atithi – Tapan Sinha
  5. Apanjan – Tapan Sinha
  6. Baidurjya Rahassya – Tapas Pal, Moonmoon Sen
  7. Hasuli Banker Upakatha
  8. Wheel Chair
  9. Sabuj Dwiper Raja
  10. Golpo Holeo Satti
  11. Bancharamer Bagan
  12. Adalat O Ekti Meye

Tapan Sinha always made films that are considered to be classics. He also made films of various nature. He was a director, music director, writer, producer and mroe. “Baidurjya Rahassa” is one of his famous detective Bengali cinema while Jhinder Bandhi is probebly the most viewed cinema under his direction. He has own multiple awards and you should expect something different in the Uttam Kumar – Sabitri Chatterjee starred movie Upahaar too.

I watched the film long time back. Well I know this is a triangle love story. I am sure you will all enjoy this one.

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