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Up (2009) is a wonderful animated 3d adventure of Carl Fredrickson, a cranky old man and a little boy named Russell, who fly to Paradise Falls in the South America in Carl’s floating house made into a spaceship.

Up (2009) Film Review
Up (2009) is a wonderful animated 3d adventure of Carl Fredrickson, a cranky old man and a little boy named Russell, who fly to Paradise Falls in the South America in Carl’s floating house made into a spaceship.

Up (2009) – A film that uplifts your spirits.
CalcuttaTube Rating: 4.0/5.0
The film starts with Carl’s childhood days when he meets a little girl names Ellie who has the same interest as his in adventures and both of them are fond of the famous explorer Charles Muntz. They grow up together as members of the same club house, taking oaths of love and friendship, crossing their hearts and earning badges, sharing the same dreams of exploring the world and flying to the Paradise Falls. Then one day Carl marries his best friend Ellie, and spends their life together. They live a happy life, working hard, but they still have a few resentments. They do not have any children and though Carl works hard, they do not have enough money to set on new adventures.

UP 2009 Movie Poster
UP 2009 Movie Poster

Time passes by – they grow old together, going over their childhood journals and recalling their dreams, and then one day Ellie passes away leaving Carl behind all alone. Carl becomes lonely and cranky. But his love for Ellie remains still the same.

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In the meantime, the city has spread its busy arms around Carl’s house – construction sites are put up. Carl gets into trouble with the constructors, and is advised to leave his old home and go to the Shady Oaks Retirement Home. But Carl comes up with a smarter plan – he transforms his home into an airship with thousands of balloons that lift the building up from its base. And when it is half way on the air, Carl discovers he is not alone. A litlle boy named Russel, who is trying to earn the ‘assisting the elderly’ merit badge is up with him too and now offers to assist Carl. Russell is a smart boy who knows all about GPS and other cool stuff. He is polite, but curious who wants to know about new things and lands, what is going on in the world around him, and he talks and talks till his listener (Carl Fredrickson, or his mother, as he says so) plays ‘Who can keep quite longer’ game.

They fly over the city and hills to go to the wilderness, and have a lot of practical adventures – they get into a big storm, try to find their way with Russell’s GPS that they falls from the flying house and gets lost. Then they have to walk with the home stuck to Carl’s waist with the long waterhose. The storm has smashed Ellie’s pictures and set everything in a perfect disorder. But thanks to Russel, he took over and save their flying house. At last, they reach the land just opposite to Paradise Falls. Now begins their jouney in this new land.

In the wildrenness, they find a huge blue bird whom Russel names Kevin, though it is a ‘she’ who has got little babies to take care of, a little cute dog named Dug who has a colllar tied to his shoulder that translates his voice into the language of the humans. Kevin and Dug have become friends with Russell who loves anything he sees, but they do not seem like Carl much at their first interaction with the old man. Kevin, who is extremely fond of chocolates, is constantly being chased by a pack of sturdy dogs, who have the same kind of collars tied to their necks as Dug’s. These vicious dogs encompass Carl and Kevin, and lead to their leader, who is no one but Charles Muntz, the life time hero of Ellie and Carl.

Muntz is in exile in South America for many years now, and plans to return home only after he can collect the skeleton a certain bird, that is Kevin. That was why the dogs were after her. But Carl and Russell do not want Kevin to be the prey of Muntz’s hunting dogs, and they try to save the pretty bird. But Muntz is a very ruthless guy- he is nothing like Ellie’s hero in real life, who wouuld stop at taking Kevin’s life. And now that Carl and Russell try to save Kevin, he declares war. He attacks them from his huge spaceship, sends his dogs after them, tries to take everyone’s life. It is a big fight between Muntz’s gang and Carl’s. And after a close fight, the good friends save Kevin.

Carl sends Kevin back to the forest to take care of her babies and with Russell and the dogs, he comes back to their hometown. And now it is time for Russell to earn a nice big badge for his good work. In the Senior Explorer ceremony, when Russel’s dad does not show up, Carl does. He hands over the grape soda badge to Russel, the one they wore when he played with little Ellie. And then they go Russell’s favorite ice cream parlor, where he used to go with his dad, and play Russell’s favorite car couting game. The wilderness adventure has changed Carl and he is now a more free man at heart, who has uplifted himself from his daily sorrows and misery. No wonder, he quite enjoyed the car couting game with Russel, that once he himself said was the most boring thing of all. And it is again a wonder that the vicious dogs have now changed to sweet ones, it is their new masters that they now represent.

Carl’s first adventure started with Ellie when he was a small boy. And now he resumes his adventures once again in his old age, because there is no bars on age for having a little fun or diving into wonderful adventures.

The film  ‘Up’ is a jouney to wonderland –  a jouney that we wait life long to take, with the sudden discovery of the contrast between our dreams and the reality that may sadden our hearts for a little while, but at the end of it we get to know our true selves, make friends are share our happiness with the world.

“Up’ is a wonderful film that the kids and the young people would love. The scenes are so great and colorful – the balloons, the lofty mountains, the mist, the battle in the spaceship, are all so wonderful! The characters of Ellie as a little girl, and Russell are awesome. Carl Fredrickson fell in love with Ellie – a relationship that lasted even after she passed away. The audience too falls in love with Ellie – her deep blue eyes, freckled face, big glasses, and robust optimism startles us. She tries to set Carl free even when she knwe she was not going to live any longer – free of guilt and grief. She adds her last parting words in their childhood journal to helps her old man fly up in the sky. She was physically there in the story for a very short time, but her presence was felt all by everyone all throughout the film, and perhaps even after.  Russel is a sweet little kid, who has his own set of problems. But he is smart, brave and to Carl’s utter surprise he crosses heart just like Ellie did.

‘Up’, with its touching story, would reach not just the kids, but the adult audience too, who may have a different interpretation for the same story.

Reviewer: Shrabanti Basu, CT Reporter, USA
Movie Watched at: Carmike Cinema, Bluefield, WV

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