Unlimited Kebabs and Beer festival in Kolkata from Charcoal Grill

Kolkata, January 9, 2011 (Calcutta Tube/IBNS): Charcoal Grill,a multi-specialty restaurant, unveiled “Unlimited Kebabs and Beer festival” in Kolkata early December.

The USP of the fest is the vast range of kebabs from different provinces of India, starting from Murgh Rajasthani kebabs, Mahi Malai kebabs, Reshmi kebabs, Stuffed Tandoori Squid, Prawn Tikka Kebabs to veg- kebabs.

Actress Pallavi Chatterjee and Bangla Rock Band “Cactus” inaugurated the event.

Speaking on the occasion, Chatterjee said, “I prefer to dine in restaurants than hotels. As to me, a restaurant prepares and serves food in a very homely manner, which I love the most. And same goes with Charcoal Grill”.

“With the start of December, people are on a festive mood. And what an ideal time to organize such an event, when the Christmas and New Year are round the corner. Kebabs served with beer is a good combination and which comes at such a cheap price, that everyone can effort, I guess”, she added.

“We all are foodies,” said ‘Cactus’ lead vocalist Siddhartha aka Sidhu.

Speaking to the media, Sidhu said, “As a concept it is great. You won’t be satisfied with just a bottle of beer. Same goes for kebabs as well. So, this unlimited beer with unlimited kebab festival will be a mouth-watering option”.

When asked to sing at the event, band member Buti said, “Ajke sudhu khawa ar paan, noi kono gaan” (Today is a day only for eating and drinking, no singing).

CEO, Charcoal Grill, Sanjay Madan said, “This is a joint association of Charcoal Grill and Kingfisher Blue. Party in Kolkata starts from the beginning of December. So we came up with this idea to satisfy our patrons with exclusive kebabs and drinks. I believe this initiative will truly delight them all.”

The range of unlimited Kebabs and beer flow will come at a price of Rs 450 per person.

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