Unish Kurir Golpo (2011)-Bengali Movie Review

Unish Kurir Golpo Bengali MovieMay 13, 2011 (Calcutta Tube): Unish Kurir Golpo is a 2011 Bengali movie directed by Gautam Satvaya with Noorjahan, Vickey Dev, Amar Mirza, Kuheli, Shabnam, Raj and others in the cast. Read the Bengali film review at Calcutta Tube.


Banner: Jyoti Productions

Presented by: Bobby Chakraborty

Director: Gautam Satvaya

Story: Nirmalya Chakraborty

Music: Arup-Pronoy

D.O.P.: Debashish Roy

Editor: Jayanta Laha

Cast: Noorjahan, Vickey Dev, Amar Mirza, Kuheli, Shabnam, Raj, Sujit, Mrinal Mukherjee, Bodhisatta Majumdar, Soma Chakraborty and others.

Date of release: May 6 2011

Rating: 1/10

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[ReviewAZON asin=”B004V8O24M” display=”inlinepost”]If you wish to see a bunch of dud boys and girls doing nothing particular in an entire feature film except planning to go on a two-day ‘picnic’ – we thought ‘excursion’ would have been the right word – then you are rightly advised to keep away from all theatres where Unish Kurir Golpo is playing. The entire film is about planning a ‘picnic’ to Mandarmoni, a seaside resort in West Bengal, actually going to this ‘picnic’ and then getting embroiled in a ‘murder’ that simply did not happen. What kind of story is this? Why make a film of this kind at all? Why pick up youngsters who have no idea about camera angles, shaking a leg, carrying costumes, delivering dialogue, much less about acting in front of the camera, interacting with co-actors and reacting to the celluloid situations the script has created for them?


There is the suggestion of a love story gone sour between Rupom (Vickey Dev) and Rishsa (Noorjahan) with a third guy called Rahul (Sujit) tries to edge in to occupy the space vacated by Rupom but in vain because it appears that Risha is still in love with Rupom who also shuns all advances the chinky-eyed Rohita (Kuheli) makes at him. They sing and dance and gossip about the Risha-Rupom affair that makes room for flashbacks into a discotheque where Rupom, a good singer, puts up a song-dance show shot through red lights. Charu (Raj) is an effeminate gay youngster who keeps making eyes and touching up a handsome hunk named Amar (Amar Mirza) which is filled with situations downright insulting and humiliating for any person with alternative sexual preferences. Risha goes missing, presumed to have been killed by Rupom who comes back from the beach with his trousers covered with blood. Sujit accuses him directly and complains to the police. Risha’s parents rush from Kolkata but as it turns out, Risha had fainted on the beach and was rescued by a passing doctor – how convenient – who saves her and brings her back to the hotel. Some dialogues are needlessly risqué and the reference to a young girl who forgot to bring her sanitary napkins is in terribly bad taste.


Bodhisatta Majumdar and Soma Chakraborty as Risha’s parents is an eyesore while the other youngsters do not appear to have families of their own. The scenes in Risha’s family home with her parents are shot with a camera placed right in front of them when they deliver their lines. Soma Chakraborty is always dressed in her best sari, blouse and jewellery as if she is about to step out. Noorjahan as Risha cannot act and keeps pursing her lips and acting haughty without reason. The only saving grace is Vickey Dev as Rupom who shows some screen presence and promise if handled by a better director. The editing bridges of the Mondarmoni beach is repeated so many times that it becomes obvious that this is just a short-cut taken by the editor who was probably not paid hs dues. He does the same with scenes of the sunset or the moon in the sky without rhyme or reason.  The film does not deserve more than one star and that too because the director could get hold of a producer who lent his vulnerable head to be showered with buttermilk.

– Shoma A. Chatterji

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