Unemployment and Jobless Slow Economic Recovery in America

Barack Obama
Barack Obama

September 1, 2010, NEW YORK, (Calcutta Tube): Unemployment is still a major problem in America. Unemployment is also the root of deep economic crisis that the US is facing today and well reflected at the stock market on daily basis. Many of economists are even predicting a “jobless” slow economic recovery for America. According to to the recent Harris Poll, 66% of the Americans say that the current job market of their region is bad, 22% say it is neither good nor bad and only 12% say it is good. The Harris Poll of 2,775 adults was surveyed online between August 9 and 16, 2010 by Harris Interactive. The current job market is also not providing any optimism to the Americans. Almost 50% of the Americans believe the job market will remain the same without any improvement while about 27% think the job marker will be worse in next 6 months.

The Harris Poll Concludes that regardless of any positive indicators for the overall economy, if jobs are always something on people’s minds, Americans will not believe those positive indicators. The high unemployment numbers are something people can see on a regular basis and, while they may not have large concerns about losing their jobs, they know the job market is not good. President Barack Obama sure has more to solve the job situation  problem as the  earlier Stimulus  Scheme did not work that well.

For more Information: http://www.harrisinteractive.com/

by: Ankan Basu

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