TV Star Ulka gets yet another admirer


The latest to be stumped by Ulka Gupta’s, the child actor in Zee’s ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’. The latest to be stumped by Ulka Gupta, the child artist in Zee’s ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’ swordsmanship is actor Siddhartha of Ranvir-‘Kasamh Se’ fame. Recently, the young actor bagged the role of dacoit Samar Singh in the show and was amazed to see Ulka.

Our source from the sets informs, “Planned by British to assassinate little Jhansi Ki Rani, the show captures the dacoit having a change of heart when he meets the exceptionally talented young queen.”

“While the plot of the show requires Siddharth’s character to be dazzled by the little queen’s persona, Siddharth in real life too got completely bowled over by Ulka Gupta,” adds the source

The actor can’t withhold raving about the little girl, “I have never seen a kid so young handle the sword with so much ease and dexterity as Ulka. I’ve had to shoot a sequence where I engage in a battle with her and she totally beat me hollow.

“She’s a rockstar," he signs off with a chuckle.

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2 thoughts on “TV Star Ulka gets yet another admirer

  1. TS TOOOOOOOO GOOD THNXX .I LOVE YOU ULKA .IAM YOUR GREAT fan .i want to meet you plz. Ulka! you sooooooooo BEAUTIFUL and talented!! I think i am addicted to watching this show
    and you!!!!

  2. m from south side& im watching episodes every day…. ulka s a wonderfull tallented
    girl that i ever seen….. keep on goning…. my support is always with u…… Jai

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