UIA releases the list of enrolment agencies

New Delhi, July 15 (IANS) The Unique Identification Authority (UIDAI), which has been mandated to issue unique identity numbers, Thursday released a list of agencies which will collect data from residents of the country and enrol those into the system.

‘The enrolment agencies will capture residents demographic and biometric details on behalf of the registrars and send them to the UIDAI’s central database. Based on this information the authority will then issue the residents their Aadhaar,’ said R.S. Sharma, director general, UIDAI.

Aadhar is the brand name for the 12 digit unique identity number.

The UIDAI’s registrars including states, union territories and public bodies can enlist the empanelled agencies to enrol residents for Aadhaar.

‘The registrars can also appoint enrolment agencies besides those empanelled by UIDAI, as long as they satisfy the eligibility criteria laid down in the RFE,’ Sharma added.

The list of agencies who have qualified will be available on the UIDAI website.

The validity of the agencies to collect the data is valid up to July 31, 2011 and can be renewed as per the UIDAI’s procedure which will be prescribed shortly.

This was the first round in the series of periodic empanelment the UIDAI proposes to do.

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