Udita Goswami cheers up little kids


Udita Goswami’s film career might be on the back burner. But somehow, she manages to keep herself in the limelight. Recently, Udita was seen cheering up the little soccer champions of Sporting Tools Indian Tigers Football League.

Basically, Indian Tigers Football League (ITFA) aims at giving the best guidance and coaching with world class curriculum to the school kids from all over Mumbai. Udita was invited to open the under 13 Sporting Tools ITFA.

After watching the budding footballers play she excitedly says, “Our country has the potential to be one of the top 20 football playing countries of the world, all we need is to train 18 committed players. We have a population of over a billion today; the best place to start spotting talent is at schools. Such tournament develops grass root football; we need to focus on the kids to build the great teams for the future. I am here to be a part of this excitement to watch the under 13 players……Football and rains, the perfect combination.”

Udita has herself been a very sporty person at heart. To watch kids play football must have brought good memories of sporty days at school. What do you say Udita?  – Esha Razdan/ Sampurn Media

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