UAE revives trend of picture postcards

Abu Dhabi, Nov 3 (IANS/WAM) With the advent of the electronic age and instant messaging, the age-old custom of sending postcards has vanished from our day-to-day lives. The Emirates Post in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has now launched a campaign to revive the tradition and has issued an exclusive collection of picture postcards.

Inspired by the Emirates’ rich cultural heritage, the postcards feature photographs commemorating the tradition of the date fruit in different designs. The postcards would be launched at the Fourth International Date Palm Festival in Abu Dhabi from November 22 to 27.

Officials said the excitement of receiving greetings through mail is ‘exuberant’ and the traditional feel that accompanies it is simply delightful.

Abdullah Al Ashram, chief executive officer of Emirates Post, said: ‘We take great pride in supporting the Fourth International Date Palm Festival as we believe that the date palm is an endearing symbol of our unique heritage.’



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