U-TURN (2010) Bengali Movie Review:Soumili Biswas, Indrajeet Chakraborty,

Kolkata, August 8 (Calcutta Tube): U_TURN is a 2010 Bengali movie directed by Animesh Roy starring Soumili Biswas, Indrajeet Chakraborty, Arpita Dutta Choudhury, Alakananda Roy and others. Enjoy the complete review of latest Bengali film U-Turn at Calcutta Tube.

Cast and Crew:

  • Direction: Animesh Roy
  • Banner: Adinnil Films
  • Music: Samidh Rishi
  • Cast: Soumili Biswas, Indrajeet Chakraborty, Arpita Dutta Choudhury, Alakananda Roy, Barun Chakraborty
  • Special appearance: Sohini Pal and Kailash Kher
  • Rating: 1/10


U-TURN Arpita and Soumili
U-TURN Arpita and Soumili

U-Turn is the very first Bengali film tackling the serious psychological issue of Dissociative Identity Disorder, claims the press release of the film. This is the USP that drew a good press for the film’s press show. But the disappointment is multiplied several times over with the film, its story that does nothing to justify the theme, the characterizations and the logic that is absent right through.

What is Dissociative Identity Disorder? The film has no answer. The audience does not have an inkling what the film is al about. It takes U-turns at every turn and perhaps this inspired the title. Like many stories telecast in horror serials on Indian channels, this too begins with a group of friends taking off on a trip to the hills 20 kms away from Chatla without a booking. But are they really friends? “Calling us friends is like insulting the very concept called friendship,” says Sana, one of the girls who, incidentally, is pregnant from a one-night-stand with Jayanta, a boy from the same group. Orbit, another boy, is blackmailing her constantly with photographs he has taken of the one-night stand. He has also supposedly ‘kidnapped’ Jayanta (along with the group?) for some shady boss for a ransom from his millionaire father. One friend, a Sikh, is blackmailing another girl, Mamma (what kind of name is that, pray?) so friendship is redefined. The bespectacled Saswati (Arpita Dutta Choudhury) is a mean sort and keeps dangling the money bit to insult her so-called friends other than pointing fingers at our heroine Runa (Soumili Biswas) for the disappearance of the boys in the group, one by one. Some friendship this! This Runa’s past keeps haunting and overshadowing her present. Her father was murdered in cold blood by her step-mother while the step-mother’s daughter goes missing.  One wonders why her guardian (Alakananda Ray) did not make any attempt at consulting a psychiatrist to treat her ward no one knows. Equally intriguing is the way she eggs the young girl on to go dancing away her blues in the night with her boyfriend. At one point, one feels the elderly lady is an ayah. “Your father was like a brother to me, or perhaps my son”, she says. Yet Runa’s friends refer to her as the girl’s grandmother!

U-TURN Indrajeet and Soumili
U-TURN Indrajeet and Soumili

There is the typical bungalow on top of a hill looked after by a limping, suspicious looking man dressed in black with an ugly scar running across his face. But he turns out to be a kindly sort. The bungalow is the same one in which the mentally sick girl lived as a child and from where her father met his death in a contrived car crash that robbed her close step sister from her. The bungalow is cinematographed at bizarre angles to make it appear as if it is dangling along a hill slope. The characters are rootless, restive, amoral and sick! The most intriguing character is Bibek Roy (Indrajeet) who appears from nowhere to undo the knots of mystery one after another. He discovers that Sid who was in love with the heroine is dead and so is the Sikh boy. But the stink from the bodies should have uncovered the corpses much before Bibek solved the riddle. Who is Bibek? He claims to be a trekker and an aimless traveller. But he solves the mystery of who has committed the murders, the truth about Runa’s past and diagnoses her Dissociative Identity Disorder. A tall order for any one much less a young man whose profession remains the biggest mystery in the film. Is he a police officer? Is he a psychiatrist? Is he the aimless trekker he claims to be? Or is he the lover boy who falls for the first pretty girl that comes his way?

U-TURN Soumili Biswas
U-TURN Soumili Biswas

Soumili Biswas is wasted in the central role with shallow characterization. Her appearance is made worse with the wig she wears. The cosmetic lenses do nothing to improve the situation. Arpita, with a similar wig is terrible as Saswati. She overacts to the hilt and is very irritating to the eye and the ears. The whole film is filled with eerie but very loud sound effects that disturb more than add either meaning or aesthetics to the film. One almost longs for the silent film at some points. Indrajeet does justice to his ill-etched role as much as the script allows him to.  Kailash Kher and Sohini Pal’s ‘guest appearances’ are limited to a most horribly picturised crowded and meaningless scene shot in a disco ambience. Please keep away from the film unless you wish to become an unwilling patient of Dissociative Identity Disorder!

by: Shoma A. Chatterji

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