TV stars shares thoughts on Mother’s Day

Mumbai, May 7 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS) Hindi TV stars Ratan Singh Rajput, Binny Sharma, Veebha Anand Anand and Anita Lokhande the Hindi television share their thoughts on the Mother’s Day.

VEEBHA ANAND: I stay with my father in the city of dreams, Mumbai and I really miss my mother, who stays in Dehradun with my younger brother and sister. Nothing’s more comforting than my mother’s warm hug after a hard day’s work. It’s been almost a year that I have not spent quality time with my mother. Hectic shooting schedules do not give me the luxury to spend leisure time with my parents. Given an opportunity, I will go to Dehradun and give her a huge bear hug.

[ReviewAZON asin=”B004GXACDM” display=”inlinepost”]I am sure Ma will not leave any stone unturned in pampering me …But since I can’t get leave from my shoot, I’m giving her a surprise by connecting with her through a video conference this weekend and will spend a lot of time catching up with her.

Talking to her on the phone daily is not the same thing as watching her live on a video conference. Just seeing her will make me very happy. Miss my mother and she’s my strength. She gives me confidence and watches every episode of mine and loves my portrayal of Laxmi. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers around the world…they are precious.

BINNY SHARMA: The dancing star from Gujarat, Binny Sharma who is currently doing the lead role in Zee TV’s prime time show, Sanjog Se Bani Sangini, is a busy girl with a jam packed schedule . And the perky actress loves the hustle bustle of Mumbai.

Binny says, “Mumbai respects talent and gives many career opportunities and that makes it a great city to live in. But I miss home and my mother’s home cooked food a lot.”

The wistful note in her voice is evident when she says, “I am dying to eat farsaan, undhiyu, khichdi or just simple dal chawal. I miss the frenzy at home just prior to a festival where my mom and I would give the house a new look and cook those delicious lip smacking dishes. Though my mother does come and stay with me whenever she can, but I would love to see her face everyday the moment I enter the house. I love her. We are what our mother’s make us! There’s a saying I believe in – “God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers”.

SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT: I have always been very close to my mother and personally I feel that mothers are generally an unappreciated lot. Ever since I got to know about the occassion in school, I have made it a point to try to do something special for her. If nothing else then I atleast pick up the phone and talk to my mom on this day.

Due to our hectic schedules, I hardly have a fixed ritual of calling her on a daily basis but this is one particular day(other than her birthday) when she knows that she will hear from me first thing in the morning and that there will be a huge boquet of flowers awaiting her when she wakes up!

ANKITA LOKHANDE: Being from a smaller city in the country, there had never been any sort of hype around Mother’s Day celebration the way it is now. My siblings and I always knew that our mom needed atleast a day in a year where she could kick back and relax while we took up her chores.

So we would pick any particular day in the year and do that for her. It is only in the recent years that mother’s day has acquired a particular date.

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