TV star Avinash Sachdev aka DEV of Choti Bahu gets Naughty!

Avinash Sachdev aka Dev of Choti Bahu shares an exclusive talk with Telly café about his journey from a tough career, schooling, and marriage, to his future plans

TV star Avinash Sachdev aka DEV of Choti Bahu gets Naughty!

Avinash Sachdev aka Dev of Choti Bahu shares an exclusive talk with Telly café about his journey from a tough career, schooling, and marriage, to his future plans…

How is Avinash in real life?

Avinash in real life is very hard working, but I like to hangout also, as it’s not just work every time for me. I mostly like to travel in trains if possible, and would like to celebrate my honeymoon in train itself. I think by now you can imagine how desperately I love to travel in train. Secondly, I love and adore my parents a lot. And last but not the least, I believe to reach the stars, so that I at-least land on the moon. “hamesha dur ki socho.”

Who motivated you for this success?

Actually no one motivated me for coming into this field. My mom and dad wanted to see me as an I.A.S officer, which was definitely, not my cup of tea. But yes, at last it was my parents who supported me for what ever I did, and hope will always do so. According to me, my parents are the most understanding people in the world I have ever met. They are the most adorable and practical people.

Tell us something about your college and school days?

Truly speaking, I have never been to a college at any time, as I have started my career at the age when I was in 9th standard. I just use to visit the sets and locations, but I was really zero in what all was going on the sets, “Mujhe media ka M bhi nahi pata tha.” But I can say that I was a very studious guy, who just studied for 15 days and use to top in the class. School days were the best days of my life and school friends are everything for me. But I can’t say anything about the college life.

Tell us about your journey towards success?

As I had started my career at the age of 15, my first event was a fashion show with M.A.E.M.D Company where I bagged the Mr. Gujarat title over there. And then I use to participate in every small-big competition. Then I came to Mumbai, and worked as an assistant director for the serial Hatim, which aired on Star Plus. The only sad thing was, I had to work without pay. By god’s grace, finally I bagged the role of Dev for Choti Bahu. And the most interesting thing between Choti Bahu and me is that the name Dev is written in my “janam kundali.” But after so much of struggle I have at last reached my destination.

So now that you are all set in your career, so is there any plan for marriage?

Yes! For now I have been all set in my career, but marriage will still take a lot of time, because I have just crossed 23 (age) and I feel, I am still young for it. And when it comes to choose my life partner, I would see to it, that I don’t shame my parents at any cost, in any way. My bride should be “sarvagun sampanna”.

What about your off-screen relation with Rubina, as a co-artist?

Actually speaking “hamara 36 ka akda tha” but as of now, we are in crystal clear friendship. We both feel very much easy with each other; especially Rubina is very comfortable with me. We both go on a long drive and we have also gone to Lonavla for a holiday. It’s not like what everyone says, that there is something between us. No, it’s not like that “kal kuch hoga tho pata nahi par aaj toh dost hai” (Something can happen tomorrow, but today we are just good friends)

-Tejashree Bhopatkar/ Sampurn Media

19 thoughts on “TV star Avinash Sachdev aka DEV of Choti Bahu gets Naughty!

  1. Hey,Dev,U R So Sweet,And U & Radhika Together Looking Sooooo Cute.Ilove You Alot,Please In My Life once Again U Talk To Me.

  2. hey,my mom n i always watch chotti bahu infect my nick name is chottii.our whole family love u guyssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i love choti bahu and i also want avinash and rubina to get married in real life..they are just made for each other.they look rily good together..

  4. Hey, Avi hw r u? u know i don’t like serials bt only see choti bhu only for u. m madly fan with u. u have a good personality & also b a talanted. Why can’t you try in film industries .U had a good opertunity in the film .U acting skill is soooooooooo mind blowing. m wating ur new serial coz i want to see u. i wish to god u make a famouse film star

  5. Me & my family really want to personaly meet Dev, Radhika. And Nandu. My wife loves Nandu. When ever Nandu shows up on screen we all get exited. can we get contact # or email for each of them?

  6. hey aviansh or should i say dev anyways ur still the same sweet person just wanna wish u all the best in ur career and hope to see u acting/ directing movies some day but for now i just want to say i love u & radhika and all the best with choti bahu … good luck

  7. i very much like of this couple
    maine apne nephew ka name apke name per rakha hai dev. i never miss your episode

  8. hi dev ur so cute actually i don’t know hindi bcz im a tamilian now im learning hindi for u……. ur acting was so good.. continue it…. and reach the high position in cine field. all the best…. dont marry cine artist bcz life will damage….

  9. Hai!!! Dev i reali like u nd ur acting.u don’t knw hw much i like u nd rubina. Ur eyes r so cute. U knw my birth dy in august so in my birthdy i want frm u dt plz gv me 1 rply. U nd rubina made fr each other. Tk care.

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