TV actress Mahi Vij talks about her family plans and kids

February 23, 2010 (Calcutta Tube): TV actress Mahi Vij of ‘Laagi Tujhse Lagan’ fame, talks about her family plans about having kids.She loves kids and would like to have 5 kids and play with them all day.

“I would love to make babies because I love kids. I bond with them big time”, expresses Mahi cheerfully. So, how is Mahi with kids? “I share a great rapport with children. I am very fond of my friend’s daughter and one of my friends has just delivered a baby. Hence, I am so thrilled”, proclaims Mahi excitedly.

Mahi Vij, is, indeed, very busy with her show but she has taken time to do some family planning! Well, the fact is that Mahi loves kids and wants lots of them in future.

So what kind of mother will Mahi be? “I will have at least 5 kids and play all day long with them”, outlines the actress. Mahi surely will make a doting mother but we wonder what her future husband will feel about this fascination of hers? “He will have to fulfill his responsibilities and work hard for them as I will give them birth. I, though, will be busy having fun with them”, tells a laughing Mahi with a hint of naughtiness. So, that is the plan Mahi has carved out for her future! Her babies will have an affectionate mother.

This picturesque actress is all set with her kiddy plans. But then what about her matrimonial plans? We wonder what her future groom’s take would be on Mahi’s plan?

-Chandana H Buch/ Sampurn Wire

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