TV actors plan parties, breaks for New Year’s eve

New Delhi, Dec 24 (Calcutta Tube) Small screen actors like Ratan Rajput, Iqbal Khan and Kunika Lal have either decided to take a much-needed break from their shooting schedules or have their party plans intact for New Year’s eve.

Some hope to ring in the New Year with family and friends and there are a few who wish to celebrate in their own, sweet little ways:

Ratan Rajput: If I am given a holiday on New Year’s eve, I will spend it with my sister and family in Delhi. So I am eagerly looking forward to sometime off with my near and dear ones.

Gaurav Khanna: I am planning to take a break from work for New Year’s eve. Though I traditionally go out of Mumbai every year, this year I plan to spend time in this wonderful city just to absorb the feel good energy that every Mumbaikar seems to ooze out at this time of the year. Their energy is simply infectious!

Iqbal Khan: Like every year, this year too, I will go on vacation with my wife to a foreign locale. I would really like to surprise her because she is the one who usually does all the planning every year. It will be so much fun to see the expression on her face when I break the news, especially when I have told her that I am working during that week.

Karan V. Grover: Luckily, this New Year’s eve we have been given three days off from shoots so I will end up bringing it in either hot air balloon or deep sea in Dubai! The adrenaline rush in these adventure sports is like no other.

Aruna Irani: I hope you don’t expect me to party and dance the night away. I’ve had my own share of fun in my younger days. These days, I like to just relax and spend some quality time with family. When we’re in the mood to step out, we do go and enjoy a family dinner at some place nice. Masala Kraft at the Taj is a personal favourite.

Usha Nadkarni: I’ll definitely go for a short holiday, if I get a break. I’m tired of shooting relentlessly throughout day and listening to roll, action and cut! I’m not a party person at all. I enjoy sitting at home and watching television. All the entertainment channels line up some great stuff during these times and I love watching them.

Kunika Lal: I invariably go club-hopping on New Year’s eve as just one party isn’t good enough. I have a whole bunch of friends who’re party animals and we like to check out the scene across a number of happening hot-spots in and around Mumbai. This year, I’m in the mood for something quieter so I’ll probably head off to Lonavala with my close ones.

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